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Egyptian Parliament Dissolved

New Political Showdown in Egypt as Court Invalidates Parliament

It’s nice to see a check on the MB but if that is who the Egyptian people vote for then they must be allowed to serve. Real democracy in the Middle East is that loftiest of goals, the Enlightenment project, spreading to one of the most critical regions of the world. Yes a secular democracy would be preferable but in a democracy, and with the advance of globalization and education, they will hopefully secularize themselves over time – just like we did.

The high court, packed with sympathizers of the ousted president, appeared to be engaged in a frontal legal assault on the Muslim Brotherhood,…

The ruling, by the highest judicial authority in Egypt, cannot be appealed and it was not clear how the military council, which  has been governing Egypt since Mr. Mubarak’s downfall in February 2011, would respond.



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