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Thomas P.M. Barnett on what Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s political survival may indicate (and Mr. Barnett is often right and always forward thinking) with regard to the future of defense spending.

“The recession has finally reached Washington, and it ain’t leaving anytime soon.”

“…Africa Command — AFRICOM — is the future: tiny facilities networked across the continent and a heavy reliance on contractors; a certain amount of do-good boots-on-the-ground presence but a preference for drone attacks.”


Governor Scott Walker survives his nasty recall vote earlier this month, a dynamic triggered by his brutal reshaping of Wisconsin’s public sector unions.  Pundits are interpreting all this in terms of November and what it means for President Obama’s chances in that crucial swing state, but I see a bellwether for the future of U.S. national security.

Walker’s assault  on the collective-bargaining rights of public-sector unions spared the cops and firefighters, ostensibly in return for their support to his original candidacy in 2010.  But the deal he made was telling.  Without it, he very easily could have fallen in the recall vote.

Now, let’s look elsewhere around the country where similar tactics were employed from positions of greater political strength:

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