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Nice piece from Time by Robert B. Baer (ex-CIA, VERY informative) about how the CIA is keeping history in mind as the Obama administration is forced to press the agency into action by the continuing civil war in Syria.

I agree with Obama here, we should take this opportunity to try an oust the Assad regime and give credit to the Arab Spring (if that’s what it’s still being called). I know we have had problems with this in the past but nonetheless their is demand in the global market for American security exports. Now that the Middle East is finally overthrowing many of the dictators who we supported in exchange for regional stability we can’t just turn our back and allow them to devolve back into police states.


According to the New York Times, the CIA now has people deployed in Turkey trying to sort out which Syrian rebels should be armed, and which shouldn’t. That comes as no real surprise, in light of Syria spinning into worse chaos and violence, and the Obama Administration running out of good options. Isn’t the CIA always called in when nothing else works?

I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that, right now, the last situation the CIA wants to get into is Syria. Like the rest of the world, it knows next to nothing about the Syrian opposition, which is a mare’s nest of secular and religious groups. There is no one predominant figure, which leaves the CIA to sort out competing claims to political leadership and support. And, as these things usually go, it will take a lot of time to sort out the swindlers and…

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