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Great to see the religious standing up for what’s right in spite of their religion. Hooray for Melinda Gates and the 82% of U.S. Catholics who think contraception is okay!


Conservative Roman Catholics can handle it when non-Catholics oppose Vatican doctrine. But when other Catholics publicly disagree with church dogma and still have the audacity to call themselves Catholics, the hard-liners start pulling fire alarms. So it’s been in recent days as Melinda Gates, a practicing Catholic, prepared to co-host the London Summit on Family Planning. Because the Vatican still condemns birth control, fundamentalist Catholic blogs have been going off like air-raid sirens at the thought of Gates — wife of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, with whom she runs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — promoting contraception as a means of reducing high maternal mortality rates in the developing world.

“Time to Reboot Melinda Gates,” read a headline this week on the conservative website Catholic Online. “Instead of using her vast wealth to promote virtue,” the site said, she “is using her wealth to promote vice ……

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