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Recursively Converting XML to an Array in PHP

At my job we will soon be collecting environmental data from our own custom made measurement devices. The data loggers will be sending data back to our server via XML over GSM. The XML data can be dynamic, though most transmissions will be uniform in structure. Trying to parse dynamic HTML iteratively would undoubtedly lead to messy code and I knew that there had to be a more elegant solution. The following code recurses over a SimpleXMLElement object and returns a multi-dimensional array:

function xml2array($xmlObj) {
$rtn = array();
foreach((array)$xmlObj as $index => $node )
if(is_object($node) || is_array($node))
$rtn[$index] = xml2array($node);
$rtn[$index] = $node;
return $rtn;

Additionally I found a nice piece of code on Forrst that will even print it in a tree for you! Can’t ask for me. Hope this helps somebody.



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