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George Packer On Charlie Hebdo Murders

The Blame for the Charlie Hebdo Murders They are only the latest blows delivered by an ideology that has sought to achieve power through terror for decades. It’s the same ideology that sent Salman Rushdie into hiding for a decade under a death sentence for writing a novel, then killed his Japanese translator and tried … Continue reading

How to Tell a True War Story

It’s not pretty, exactly. It’s astonishing. It fills the eye. It commands you. You hate it, yes, but your eyes do not. Like a killer forest fire, like cancer under a microscope, any battle or bombing raid or artillery barrage has the aesthetic purity of absolute moral indifference – a powerful, implacable beauty – and … Continue reading

Populism and Progressivism as Constitutional Categories

Populism and Progressivism as Constitutional Categories I think the 21st century needs to move beyond the populist/progressivist split and forge a new middle ground. One that harnesses the two-way nature of the Internet to both diffuse education outward and take inward the suggestions of curious amateurs.

The Outmoded Idea of the Selfish Gene

We have a more complicated understanding of football than we do genetics and evolution. Nobody thinks just the quarterback wins the game. http://aeon.co/magazine/nature-and-cosmos/why-its-time-to-lay-the-selfish-gene-to-rest/

Undercover Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas

A man doing amazing work in Sub-Saharan Africa. He uses undercover journalism to ‘name, shame and jail’ corrupt officials and those who violate human rights. http://anasaremeyawanas.org/bio/ http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/africainvestigates/

Philanthropists of the World: You’re Doing It Wrong!

Originally posted on Business & Money:
As baby boomers barrel into retirement in larger numbers with better health and more energy than any previous generation, philanthropy is getting a makeover. Boomers don’t want to give time at a soup kitchen; they’d rather mentor a small business. They don’t want to throw money into the black…

Two Years After bin Laden Raid, the Future of Special Operations

Originally posted on U.S.:
The raid that took out Osama bin Laden two years ago Wednesday was only a few minutes old when it nearly fell to pieces. We’ve all heard the story: one of the helicopters lost lift and crashed into an animal pen before Navy SEALs were even inside the compound. A…

Defense Contractor Develops New Water Desalinization Method

Lockheed Martin has developed a new type of filter that has the potential to drastically reduce the cost and complexity of removing salt from water. The process, officials and engineers at Lockheed Martin Corp say, would enable filter manufacturers to produce thin carbon membranes with regular holes about a nanometer in size that are large … Continue reading

Big Data in a new of era of progressivism

Thomas P.M. Barnett on a NYT piece about a new policing strategy being enacted by the NYPD. He sees it as part of a new era of progressivism and “Big Data” applied to chronic social problems. Writing off vulnerable populations isn’t noble.  It’s merely shirking your civic/global duty.

Citizen Zhu: Chinese Citizen Journalist

Tom Barnett on Zhu Ruifeng, an unlikely man in a precarious position. The Chinese Communist Party is tolerating him for now it seems, but uncovering the dirt of the single party erodes that party’s legitimacy. How long will he be allowed to continue?

"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks." - Christopher Hitchens

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