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Re: Blue Lives Matter

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Blue Lives Matter is well written and thought provoking as usual. However I find myself in the unusual position of disagreeing with him. In the opening paragraph he says: The killing of police officers is not only the destruction of life but an attack on democracy itself. We do not live in a military dictatorship, … Continue reading


Beauty In Rationality?

What Bullying Epidemic?

A few months ago I wrote briefly about the so called bullying epidemic. I wanted to expand on that somewhat by shifting the metaphor from epidemic to flu. I don’t know whether bullying really qualifies as an epidemic. The Wikipedia page for the word epidemic defines an epidemic as follows: In epidemiology, an epidemic (from επί (epi), meaning … Continue reading

Munk Debates: Be it resolved the world cannot tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons capability.

The Munk Debates series live-streamed a debate tonight discussing Iran’s nuclear weapons capability. I sided with the con side before and after the debate. The following is a brief overview and my reaction immediately following: The con side argued that the obvious analogy is America versus the Soviet Union; deterrence and containment will still be effective in … Continue reading

Benghazi Is Not A Conspiracy/Cover-Up/Whatever. Period.

Think about this for a moment: what did the Obama Administration have to gain from covering up the nature of  the attack on our consulate in Benghazi? The answer: Nothing. Historically the people rally around a president after a terrorist attack. This is why the Republican obsession with Benghazi is an obvious, shameful and hypocritical political maneuver. … Continue reading

Chi mikhad beshe? – What is Going to Happen?

“A theocracy whose ideology is premised on sacrifice and martyrdom can only survive as long as its leaders can capitalize on the death of the Iranian people.” The stiff economic sanctions currently strangling the Iranian economy are certainly causing change. But is it the kind of change we want? The rial is tanking and average Iranians are watching the value … Continue reading

Bowling Alone: Why Mitt Romney Won’t Win

Mitt Romney and conservatives see more acutely than do liberals the decline of participation in civil society. Their claim that government assistance and welfare can be cut and offset by the efforts of civil society rings hollow to many Americans because they no longer do, or perhaps never did, have much faith in the strength … Continue reading

The Procedural Universe: All Being Is Two Sides of the Same Coin – Absolute Nothing Does Not Exist

“We can only imagine independent origination in the light of dependent origination” In my first post regarding the procedural universe I explained why I think the procedural universe is eternal and infinite and why all boundaries are ultimately arbitrary and matters of definition. I now want to propose that the procedural universe is a type … Continue reading

The Procedural Universe

I was first exposed to the Buddhist concept of dependent origination, or cause and effect (which finds its closest Western relatives that I am aware of in the writings of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer), about six years ago. I have spent these last years trying to understand this idea and its implications. The idea seems so … Continue reading

Austerity Is Not The Answer or Even Helpful

Reuter’s piece on effects of careening over the “fiscal cliff” Austerity isn’t going to rejuvenate the economy. The world economy depends on demand, consumption; without it businesses have no option but to do whatever it takes to remain as profitable as possible and not sacrifice market share in the light of flat-lining or decreasing revenue. … Continue reading

"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks." - Christopher Hitchens

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