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The Golden Age — A Look at the Original Roots of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience

Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer “Rich people don’t create jobs”

A millionaire sets the record straight and the so-called “liberal” and “intellectual” TED community did not decide to promote his ideas. I wonder if it’s because TED is funded by the rich?


Gavin Newsome is the current Lt. Governor of California and author of the fascinating book Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government. In this discussion he explains his ideas with regard to eGovernment, Gov 2.0 and making government a platform for citizen involvement. Very interesting, plase enjoy.


Noam Chomsky’s Misreading of Human Nature

Steven Pinker discusses his thoughts on Chomsky’s view of human nature and where he disagrees with Chomsky’s theories.

Alain de Botton on Literature and Empathy

George Lakoff: Moral Politics

Very, very interesting and enlightening examination of the differences between the worldview’s of liberals and conservatives. His book Moral Politics has been out since 2002, how have I missed this? Please check it out his work is important.

Wikistrat’s “The World According to Tom Barnett” 2011 brief

  A favorite of mine, Dr. Barnett explains his fascinating views on globalization and where it is heading. Dr. Barnett is a daily read for me and his book The Pentagon’s New Map should be read by anyone seriously interested in international relations and globalization.

Prof. Steve Keen on Debunking Economics

  Very interesting talk (and I’m sure his book Debunking Economics is as well) about the shortcomings of modern neoclassical economics and Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling at the heart of it.

Christopher Hitchens on Iraq Pre-Invasion

  Very interesting discussion with Christopher Hitchens defending his views that the 1991 Gulf War never really ended and why he thinks America was justified in invading Iraq. This was in 2002 before the invasion and it’s a nice piece of proof that he is not some sort of sell out who changed his views … Continue reading

Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics

Interesting documentary about a very provocative theory. The Investment Theory of Politics essentially says that elections can be thought of as times when the moneyed and the powerful invest in politicians and legislation. Also some interesting quotes from Adam Smith who was, it should not be forgotten, a moral philosopher before he was a political … Continue reading

"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks." - Christopher Hitchens

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