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Did Morsi overreach in the aftermath of the latest Israeli and Palestinian war to get back at an old enemy the Supreme Judicial Council? I don’t know just a thought. All I know is that it’s not good for a budding democracy to restrict the rule of law. Democracy doesn’t work without checks and balances … Continue reading


Egyptian Army Not Likely To Release Power

Generals guard Egypt power as Islamists claim lead Reuters’ piece on the results of this weekends Egyptian presidential elections. The military has essentially decreed martial law and is not likely to relinquish power. Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood, who is claiming to have won the elections, contends that it does not recognize the dissolution of parliament … Continue reading

How Will Egypt Vote?

With Revolution’s Fate at Stake, Egypt Votes on President NYT piece on the presidential election going on today in Egypt. It will be interesting to see how, after their votes for the center were nullified, they will vote when faced between to extremes. Egypt’s highest court, who yesterday dissolved the majority Muslim Brotherhood controlled parliament, is still … Continue reading

Egyptian Parliament Dissolved

New Political Showdown in Egypt as Court Invalidates Parliament It’s nice to see a check on the MB but if that is who the Egyptian people vote for then they must be allowed to serve. Real democracy in the Middle East is that loftiest of goals, the Enlightenment project, spreading to one of the most … Continue reading

Socialism: Democratized Education and Home-Based Manufacturing

We are beginning to see the emergence of a paradigm shift in society; the seeds of socialism are continuing to take root. The germination is nourished by technology as Marx predicted and further still as the demands of competitive markets dictate. Yet the capitalist motivation for technological innovation and adoption will lead to further alienation … Continue reading

Modern Globalization or New World 2.0

When the lands of the Western Hemisphere were discovered by the Europeans more than 500 years ago it unleashed a wave of imperialism the likes of which the world had not known since antiquity. Fueled by dreams of avarice and riches beyond compare the European imagination was lit aflame and the New World was set … Continue reading

"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks." - Christopher Hitchens

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