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China’s “social risk assessment”

Thomas Barnett has been arguing that the world has entered a progressive era; a global shift to the left. I think he is absolutely right. We are watching the rise of a global middle class – a first in human history. As these formerly poor people rise in socioeconomic status they are going to demand … Continue reading


Did Morsi overreach in the aftermath of the latest Israeli and Palestinian war to get back at an old enemy the Supreme Judicial Council? I don’t know just a thought. All I know is that it’s not good for a budding democracy to restrict the rule of law. Democracy doesn’t work without checks and balances … Continue reading

Benghazi Is Not A Conspiracy/Cover-Up/Whatever. Period.

Think about this for a moment: what did the Obama Administration have to gain from covering up the nature of ¬†the attack on our consulate in Benghazi? The answer: Nothing.¬†Historically the people rally around a president after a terrorist attack. This is why the Republican obsession with Benghazi is an obvious, shameful and hypocritical political¬†maneuver. … Continue reading

Jonathan Haidt on Culture Wars and Fairness

Excellent observations from about the idea of Fairness in modern politics and how they are informing voters and party platforms.

The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt

It is said that there are two topics one should always avoid in polite or social conversation: politics and religion. It is well known that these two subjects are frequently divisive and polarizing, often leading to heated arguments and even physical violence. Jonathan Haidt is a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and … Continue reading

George Lakoff: Moral Politics

Very, very interesting and enlightening examination of the differences between the worldview’s of liberals and conservatives. His book Moral Politics has been out since 2002, how have I missed this? Please check it out his work is important.

Wikistrat’s “The World According to Tom Barnett” 2011 brief

  A favorite of mine, Dr. Barnett explains his fascinating views on globalization and where it is heading. Dr. Barnett is a daily read for me and his book The Pentagon’s New Map should be read by anyone seriously interested in international relations and globalization.

Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality?

I think Sam Harris is of immense importance as a philosopher because he has challenged David Hume’s classic assertion that you can’t get an ought from an is. That is to say Mr. Harris shows that there are descriptive facts about the way the world is that can tell us how the world ought to … Continue reading

Meritocracy: A New Class, With the Old Breed

The cultural and intellectual philosophy that ushered in the campaign of deregulation America has experienced in the last several decades is a set of beliefs that I refer to, and quite accurately so, as libertarian capitalism (marketism, is perhaps a better moniker). This new mysticism has a basic set of tenets that its adherents, though … Continue reading


This blog is no more than a forum for me to express, and hopefully one day discuss with others, my ideas about philosophy, politics, economics, etc. In addition it will also serve as a chronological record of my intellectual wanderings, which later in my life, it is planned at least, will materialize into a journey. … Continue reading

"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks." - Christopher Hitchens

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